There are many reasons why there are exhaust fans in your home. In your bathroom, you need a fan to get the humid air out of your home to prevent mold growth and water damage, but in your kitchen, you need an exhaust fan to prevent odors and smoke from damaging your home.

A kitchen exhaust fan might seem like a simple enough part of your home, but there are a few things that need to be correct or the fan is not going to do its job very well.

It is important that there is ductwork leading from the fan to the outside of your home. These ducts should be as straight as possible and they should have some type of barrier in place for preventing pests from using the duct to gain access to your home.

In some homes, it will look as if there is an exhaust fan over the stove, but it turns out that it doesn’t funnel the exhaust anywhere.

It is important to care for the filter in your kitchen exhaust fan, since dust and grease can create a dangerous situation, possibly posing a fire hazard.