Having stairs in your home adds a danger to your life. While you might not think it is a big deal, for young children and elderly ones, stairs are one of the most dangerous places they could be. Falls down stairs cause injuries and deaths every year. To make sure this doesn’t happen in your home, please check the following points in connection with your stairs:

Make sure the railings are firmly attached to the wall. They will need to be able to hold the weight of an adult. They also shouldn’t have any splinters that could cause someone to flinch back and let go of the railing.

Check that all steps are evenly spaced out and the same height.

If there is carpet installed on the stairs, it needs to be fastened well, since it easily could become a trip hazard. In many cases, it’s better to just remove it all together. The same is the case for the plastic anti-slip strips that some stairs have. If these are breaking apart, they are just another trip hazard.