Have you ever climbed a ladder? Most homeowners will need to do that sooner or later, unless they decide to hire someone to do all the work around the home.

While you might think that climbing a ladder is one of the easiest things to do, there is a right and wrong way to utilize a ladder, especially if you are doing work standing on one.

A fall from over 6 feet is very likely to cause you serious injury or even death, and if you are trying to do work on your roof, you will definitely be higher up than that.

You need to start by making sure that the ladder is in a stable spot. It should rest on level ground, or if it is necessary to work on a slight incline, use a ladder that has legs that can be adjusted for a stable base.

When climbing and working from a ladder, you need to always keep 3 points of contact with the ladder.

You should never try to reach something that is out of range; instead, climb down, move the ladder and then climb up again.