If you are a first-time dishwasher user, or if you have friends and family visiting, there is a mistake that you want to avoid at all costs. Even though some people might think that dish detergent could be used in a dishwasher, it is a terrible mistake to make. Usually, the person making that mistake will be made aware of it fairly soon when the dishwasher starts leaking out soap bubbles all over your floors.

If this happens to you, what should you do? Well, your first step is to turn off the dishwasher immediately. The situation is not going to improve with time. Next, you need to completely clean out any traces of dish soap. This can prove quite difficult, but it is a job that can be made easier if you have access to a wet vac. Getting all the water and soap out of the dishwasher is very important since you will have the same situation again if you don’t.

You might end up having to run a few washes with nothing in the dishwasher as well. This could make it start foaming up again, so make sure to stop the wash after a little time has passed to check on the situation, and if needed, vacuum it out with a wet vac if it is building up a lot of soap scum.