Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a home inspection?

Our home inspection prices depend on the square footage of the home, and the location. We serve many zip codes in Southern Arizona, and the charges are different for each zip code. Condos are also a lower charge. Typically it averages between $300-500 range. Adding ancillary services also increases the price.

How long does a home inspection take?

It depends on the square footage of the house, and how many write ups it may have. An older house may take longer than a newer one. But if it was well taken care of, and has had electrical or other upgrades, it might not take as long. Usually for an 1800 sq ft house it would take about two and a half hours if it is not occupied.

What all do you check?

Our inspections are general, visual and non-invasive. We inspect items affixed to the home, as well as those systems of daily use by operating the controls a home owner would. As much as possible we will go on the roof, check all available areas on the exterior, all interiors, HVAC, all doors, water and electrical fixtures, as well as fixed appliances such as range, dishwasher, garbage disposal, exhaust fan, and built in microwave. We can also check the pool if this service is added.

What services do you offer?

We offer the general home inspection, Sewer scope, termite, mold, air quality, and pool. These are all separate charges, as not all of them apply to every home.

Do you offer military discounts?

Yes. We proudly support all branches of military, and all agencies of law enforcement, including corrections, plus all first responders including EMTs.

How far do you travel to inspect in AZ?

We can travel as far as Douglas, Nogales, Ajo, Casa Grande, Oracle, San Manuel, and everything in between. For out of town inspections we request you give us a call for a more accurate pricing on mileage charge, and to prevent any scheduling conflicts due to travel time.

Do you have a warranty for things you work on?

We do not work on things, we test them. We test them using the same controls you would use as a home owner, such as a thermostat. We do not open the panels on Air Compressors the way an HVAC specialist would, so we do not have a reason to offer a warranty on the items we test. We offer a 3 day period on latent defects. Our inspection is valid for the date and time it was done. Normal wear and tear in items may cause them to fail later on and there is no way for the inspector to predict future functionality. If there are visible “symptoms” showing that an item is about to fail, our inspectors will flag it and recommend a licensed contractor to evaluate it.

Can you tell us if something has to be replaced?

The inspector is a generalist, and there are certain guidelines for the longevity of systems. But even with a knowledge based on experience and statistics given on any particular brand of materials or systems, it is impossible for the inspector to ascertain on whether an item must be replaced. In our experience, we have seen electric water heaters from 1979 that are still working wonderfully, and air compressors made only months ago that fail on the first summer. Inspectors will look for the clues on whether something is or may not be functioning the way it should be and advise whether it is at the edge of its life in the report. But even this educated guess does not guarantee that the item will fail or last a long time. If any defects are noted, the inspector will recommend it is evaluated by a specialist in the system. There will be items that will be immediately flagged and the appropriate parties notified, such as gas leaks and other dangerous conditions.

Can you tell if the house has polybutylene pipes?

Polybutylene pipes are an item we strive to try to find in the houses that were built between 1978 and 1997 and a couple of years past that. However, during these years not 100% of homes were built with poly, and those that were may have gone through re-piping. We do our best to look in places where there may be evidence of re-plumbing, such as the attic, or the washing machine water lines. But it is not always possible to see these areas. Even when there is evidence of replumbing, it is impossible for the inspector to see behind all walls and ensure that the re-piping was done in 100% of the house. Some re-piping jobs we have seen still have a couple of feet, or even a few inches left of poly pipes.

How long do we have to wait for the report?

Our system is able to save the report every 5 minutes as we inspect the home. You can expect to receive the report while we are still on site, or shortly after. When we perform a sewer scope, the video comes separately in a different email, and the estimate for repairs if necessary will come from the plumber that analyzes is, on the next business day. Termite reports and estimates are sent within 24 hours. Mold and air quality reports are sent to the lab overnight through FedEx and are usually back the following business day. It is important to note that the lab is on the East side of the country, and during the winter it may experience weather delays that are out of our control. Also, for the envelope to be sent overnight, we need to drop it off at the FedEx office by 4:30 pm. If your inspection ends shortly before or after this time, it may not ship until the next day. If it is on a Friday, it will arrive at the lab on Monday.