Wood floors are very beautiful, and they can add a lot of atmosphere to any home. They do, however, come with a premium price-tag. Therefore, are there any alternatives? One is engineered flooring. It consists of high quality plywood that has been covered with a thin sheet of hardwood. This will give you the appearance of hardwood floors at a much lower price. Engineered flooring doesn’t just come with a lower cost, it is also easier to install, since you have many options for fastening it that would ruin a solid wood floor board.

One downside to engineered flooring is that due to the layer of natural wood being so thin, repairing scratches and dents can be tricky. In fact, if the scratch is deep enough, there might not be a way to repair it so that it looks good again. In such a case, it would be necessary to replace the damaged section of the flooring.