As a parent, you know that it is impossible for you to always be aware of what your child is up to. Turn your eyes away for a second, and next thing you know, they are getting themselves into trouble. This is especially dangerous if you have a pool. Sadly, many young children have gotten into serious accidents when left unattended by a pool. There is a way for you to have an insurance against this happening to your children, it’s called pool alarms. There are many different types of pool alarms that you can use, and they have slightly different functionality. Sub-surface disturbance sensors will be set off when the pressure changes from a child getting into the water.

Surface wave sensors, on the other hand, float on the surface of the water and will go off when water enters it and causes an electrical connection between two points.

There is also the option of a wristband that you would have your child wear which would go off when it gets wet.