If the home you live in is getting a little dated, you might be tempted to spend the time and money for a remodel. While this could seem like a wise investment, in reality, you will only recoup between 50% and 80% of what you spend on a remodel. So, if you are doing a remodel with the sole purpose of increasing the sale price of your home, you should look at alternatives.

Repairs, on the other hand, will have a positive impact on the value of your home, as will landscaping. If you are just trying to refresh the look of your home, a coat of paint would be a cheap and effective way to accomplish this.

If you are remodelling only for your own benefit, that is entirely up to your taste and budget, but as for increasing the sale price of your home, it isn’t your best option. You should instead sell the house as is and let the new owners do their own remodelling to their taste.