What might motivate wildlife to intrude on your living area? Usually, they will be motivated by their 3 basic needs – food, shelter and water. If there is easy access to one or more of these items in or near your home, they might intrude. If you are experiencing problems with wildlife, you first want to identify what you have that might be tempting to them. After you have done that, it is just a matter of denying them access.

At times, it might be as simple as installing fencing around your home, blocking up cracks or holes that can be used as entrances or putting up grating over vents. However, sometimes, additional measures might be needed.

Some animals will dig under fences, requiring you to extend the fencing a few feet underground. Others might be able to jump over fencing that isn’t high enough.

Rodents can be very invasive, and part of your defense might involve a type of poison to kill off pervasive pests.