Do you use pesticides to keep insects at bay? In some areas of the country, bugs are a bigger problem than others, but there is a type of bug that can be found just about everywhere, and there isn’t really a good pesticide to deal with it – bedbugs. Bedbugs used to be treated with DDT which was so effective that bedbugs were virtually eradicated from many countries, but the serious health side-effects of DDT meant that it couldn’t safely be used. This is why bedbugs made a comeback. Because of modern travel, they have also spread like never before.

One of the most common places for a homeowner to get bedbugs is when staying at a hotel. If you stay in a room where there are bedbugs, they could easily travel home with you in your luggage. Check the room thoroughly before you set your things down.

Another time to be careful is when you buy furniture. Buying a display model or used furniture carries the risk of bringing bedbugs into your home, so make sure you check them out well before you bring them in.