When the temperature drops, there are some things that you might not have been too concerned with during the rest of the year that now need your attention. One major risk in the wintertime is frozen pipes. While this might be thought of as a problem for colder areas, the risk is just as great no matter where in the country you live, since warmer areas of the country usually lack the insulation needed to protect pipes against a cold snap.

A frozen pipe can crack and then cause major problems when it thaws out and starts leaking.

If you have pipes that are uninsulated, you should be prepared whenever temperatures drop to take action to keep the pipes from freezing. Running water, even at a slow rate will help keep it above freezing. You can also redirect air from warmer areas of your home into areas where the pipes are located, such as in a basement. Opening cabinets below sinks to let warm air in there can help as well.