Every day you step in and out of doors, and you might not think about the forces that affect the door from something as simple as swinging it open and closed, but depending on the weight and size of the door, there may be some very significant shear forces at play.

How can you make sure that your doors aren’t damaged and the people using them aren’t injured? You have to start with a solid installation. The door will need to be firmly attached to the frame, square and plumb to make sure that the door doesn’t get crooked over time. The door hinges also need to be attached firmly with proper length screws. All this is very important, especially since many manufacturers will void their warranty if the door wasn’t installed properly.

If your door is unfinished, it’s important that you paint all 6 sides of it, since exposed wood can absorb moisture, which, in turn, will cause it to swell, leading to the door no longer fitting right in the frame.