Do you have a pet that has become a part of your family? This happens very easily to some of us, and while a pet can bring much happiness and comfort, for some, they can pose a health problem.

If you suffer from pet allergies, and you just bought a new home, there is the possibility that you could be affected by dander from the pets of the previous owners. To make sure that you suffer no ill effects, depending on the severity of your allergies, some work will be needed.

A thorough cleaning will be your first step. If your home is carpeted, use a special HEPA vacuum. Regular vacuums will cause the pet dander to become airborne and worsen the situation.

A professional duct cleaning might also be necessary to remove the last traces of pet dander from your home.

If you are a pet-owner yourself, and you are suffering from allergies, you can decrease or even remove the symptoms. To do this, make sure you wash your pet regularly. Spaying or neutering your pet will make them produce less of the allergens as well.