There are many jobs that you do around your home that come with a measure of danger. It could be a risk of direct damage, such as is the case with power tools, or it could be indirect from noise or fumes coming from dangerous chemicals.

To protect yourself, you need to use PPE, or Personal Protective Equipment. This collective term refers to any device that you would wear to protect yourself, such as, safety glasses, earplugs, boots, gloves or other items.

It is true that these devices will make your work more difficult, and they might be uncomfortable, but they are invaluable for keeping you safe.

You should always follow the directions for use, since improper use could make them ineffective, or in extreme cases, do more harm than good.

Wear the PPE until the job is done. If you remove the PPE while taking a break, remember to put it back on when resuming the job.

You should get good quality PPE because it is entirely possible that the cheap version might not do you any good at all.