Sitting on a deck and enjoying a sunset can be a wonderful thing. Many homeowners enjoy spending time on their deck with friends and family, especially on a comfortable summer evening. However, is your deck a safe place to be? If it wasn’t built properly, the answer is more than likely, no. If you have a hot tub on your deck, it could weigh about 5000 pounds, not accounting for the people in it. If there isn’t enough support underneath it, the whole thing could come crashing down, causing serious injuries.

Your railing also needs to be built well, since many tend to lean against the railing when spending time on a deck. If enough people lean against it at the same time, it could fall over dropping all the people over the edge.

Before building a deck, make sure that you have a plan made that will account for anything that your deck might be used for, and then add some more support for safety.