Do you enjoy sitting under the shade of a tree on a hot day? Who wouldn’t? Did you know that the coolness that you experience there is more than just from the shade? Trees actually release water vapor into the surrounding air, lowering the temperature. This is something that homeowners can use to cool their homes down for free. According to one study, it is actually possible to lower your cooling costs by 10%, which can be quite a bit of money. It is important to choose the right type of trees, however. Some trees are more prone to disease and insect infestations than others, and you wouldn’t want those issues to affect your home. The 10% savings on your energy bill are not going to be enough to offset the damage a tree falling on your home would cause. Since the trees that live longer also grow slower, planting them would be a long term investment, but as long as you have good soil around your home, they usually don’t need much work.