Water is one of the most dangerous substances you will deal with as a homeowner. That might sound ridiculous, but the reason is that water can do a lot of damage to your home. Water in the wrong place can cause wood rot, rust, mold, discoloration, and other issues. You can see why builders have many things in place to prevent water intrusion. Water remediation can cost thousands, so you would do well to focus on prevention instead of getting a bigger bill later on.

Your roof is there to protect you from the elements, but do you know how well it does this? Checking the attic regularly for leaks can help you catch problems before they develop.

Leaking pipes can quickly create perfect conditions for mold to start growing in a hidden away place. Whenever work is done in bathrooms or kitchens, you should ensure that everything is done in such a way that there aren’t any vulnerable areas where water could work its way into a spot where it can do damage.