Having a toilet in your home is pretty much a given. While it hasn’t always been that way, most of us grew up with toilets and running water in our homes. It would probably be difficult to imagine life without a toilet, even though it hardly ever is the first thing someone looks at when they are buying a new home.

If you ever had a toilet stop working, you might be a little more attentive to making sure it is in good shape. There are some issues to keep an eye out for with a toilet. For example, the toilet shouldn’t rock back an forth when you sit down on it, even though this is a very common issue. It should be fixed or else there could be issues with leaks over time.

If there are cracks in the tank or bowl, the toilet seat needs to be replaced. These problems can’t be repaired.

While small leaks from your toilet seat might seem insignificant, it is most likely going to be contaminated water that can spread harmful bacteria throughout your home.