Having trees in your backyard is very nice for a homeowner. They provide shade and coolness, both for you and your home. They can protect you from the wind, and they improve the way your yard looks. Unfortunately, just like with most things in life, there are some cons to having trees, as well. If you have a tree that becomes unhealthy, it can attract wood boring bugs which in turn can attack your home. It is also possible that an unhealthy tree could fall on your home, causing structural damage or even threaten your safety.

If you have trees near your home, you should take care to keep an eye on them and their health. Sometimes, it is possible to spot a sickly tree by looking at its appearance. If there are no leaves on the tree, that could be a bad sign. You can also feel the trunk. If it sounds hollow when you knock on the tree, it might be sick. The same is true if the trunk feels soft and mushy.