This time of year, there are many times when emergencies arise. If you receive warnings of an upcoming situation in the area where you live, how can you make sure that you keep your house in good shape? If you receive enough advance warning, you will have time to make some preparations to ensure that your property takes as little damage as possible.

Naturally, it is impossible to predict every situation that might arise. However, you can prepare for what type of damaging conditions will be most likely. In any emergency situation, shutting off power, water and gas at the main supply line is a good precaution, since any of these utility lines could cause major damage if they were affected.

With gas and electricity, you risk fire and explosions, and with water, you can expect long term damage, such as mold.

Looting is also very common during times of emergency, so if you are forced to leave your home, make sure it is locked up tight so looters won’t have an easy time entering and stealing your possessions.