How confident are you that your children won’t fall out of the windows in your home? If your child was left alone in a room with an open window, would you worry? Any responsible parent would, and that is why being aware of the potential danger that windows pose is so important.

While your back is turned, a young child could make their way to the window quicker than expected, and if there is nothing there to stop them, a tragic fall could be the result. Having a bug screen in the window is not a safe alternative since they aren’t made to hold weight. Instead you should have some safeguards in place. Opening the top part instead of the bottom part of the window is an option, if that is possible with the type of windows you have. Other windows might have a latch that will prevent the window from opening fully to allow a child through. Make sure that you lock the windows when they are not in use as well, since some children learn to open windows before you are aware of it.