When lightning strikes, some are worried about their personal safety, but in reality, the chance of being hit by lightning is minimal. Something that should be of concern, however, is the safety of electronic devices in your home. Naturally, your life is much more important than any electronics you own, but the risk for a surge damaging your electronics is a lot higher. Surges aren’t limited to lightning storms either, since some areas experience problems with the electrical grid on a regular basis. While this might be ok for your lights and appliances, some electronic devices wouldn’t be able to handle a surge.
So, what can you do?
The quick and easy solution is to get a surge protector. These look like a regular power strip but are specifically made to prevent surges from damaging your belongings. It is important to be aware that these only handle a few surges before they need to be replaced. You can usually find an indicator light that will let you know it is no longer protecting you.