Do you have problems with your water pressure? While the thing that irritates most people about their water pressure is when it is too low, it is actually more of a concern if your pressure is too high. A high water pressure in your home can lead to a number of problems. You could end up having leaks from your pipes and faucets, and you could do damage to appliances such as a dishwasher, washing machine and ice-maker. Low pressure, on the other hand, will just mean that filling up a tub or a glass of water will take longer, and you won’t have the same force from your shower.

Ideally, your water pressure should be at 50 psi, but anything between 45 and 55 is considered acceptable pressure. If you have higher or lower pressure than that, your first item to check would be your pressure regulator. A pressure regulator is meant to keep high pressure from damaging your lines. It is adjustable, so by doing slight adjustments to the regulator and then checking your pressure, you can get it to the correct level. It is possible that your pressure regulator is faulty and needs to be replaced.